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We have been designated as an essential service by the states of Georgia and Alabama and are open for business.

Professional Wild Animal Control
Nuisance Wildlife Trapping, Removal and Relocation

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Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction provides professional wild animal control to both residential and commercial customers in a 60 mile radius of Columbus, Georgia. We aren't exterminators and we are not a municipal animal control agency. We trap and remove wild animals and we do it humanely. There is no situation where our tried and tested wildlife removal strategies have met with less than 100% success.

We work hard to completely eliminate any wild animal removal issues you may have. When your critters are taken from the premises, we guarantee you will never see them again!! Don't let insect and wildlife get a foothold in your home or business. We get rid of bats in your attic, stop armadillos and skunks from digging up your yard, get rid of squirrels and are experts at trapping raccoons and any other nuisance animals that may be causing problems.

We are not your typical wildlife exterminators. Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction uses humane trapping methods and all captured animals are relocated back to the wild. If you are looking for affordable,  professional wild animal control with a heart, call us!! We give free estimates, too!

We have built our company using the highest quality products, equipment and personnel and treat every customer with respect. We are proud to be a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau.

*We also get rid of roaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, bees, wasps and other insect pests. Our monthly rates are the lowest in the metro Columbus, Ga. area.

Wild Animal Removal Services
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If you have a wild animal problem you don't see on the list - contact us. We are a full service animal removal company and are able to deal with ANY type of wildlife situation you may have. We pride ourselves on our ability to catch and remove any animal -- anywhere -- anytime--day or night!.

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    Wildlife Removal in Georgia and Alabama

    Due to ongoing population expansion in Georgia and Alabama, run-ins between people and wild animals have become more numerous. The rapid expansion of businesses and homes have forced many types of wildlife to live closer to human populations. More people than ever need wild animal removal services at their homes and place of  business because wildlife can destroy property and carry disease.

     We realize that animals have a place in the world and that is why we use only humane methods of animal trapping and all animals that we capture are released back into the wild. The only exception to this rule is that of mice and rats. When it comes to getting rid of rats and mice, we actually are exterminators. Rodents are dealt with in a lethal manner.

     Other serious concerns are zoonotic diseases like rabies, mange, histoplasmosis and other parasitic diseases.

    Property Damage

    Aside from the physical risks of attack and disease that wild animals pose, property damage is another serious problem. From nuisance grade (holes caused from woodpeckers and bees) to catastrophic (attic fires caused when animals chew through wiring) property damage from animals costs American homeowners plenty.  Bill Clay, deputy administrator of the U.S. Agriculture Department's Wildlife Services estimates the national damage toll from these unwelcome animals is $22 billion a year.

    The obvious damage to structures is one thing but wild animals can cause additional secondary damage by allowing moisture to leak in from the outside. Raccoons or squirrels in the attic have to chew their way inside and the hole they use as an entry and exit point is often in a spot that is not protected from the weather. The risks of short circuits and water damage are very real. The most devastating type of damage is usually caused by squirrels that chew through the insulation on electrical wires. Squirrels use dry, lightweight materials to construct their nests which is essentially kindling. One spark from a chewed wire could cause the worst type of animal damage; attic fires.

    "I want to thank you for the professional job you did removing the 30 or 40 bats from our barn.  I was very pleased with the results."-Lisa, Phenix City, Al.

    "I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND ANYONE ELSE! So personable, so friendly and they get the work done. Jarred did our estimate. The price was very fair! Bobby did the service at our home! He was punctual and very educated on the pest we were searching to get rid of. haven't seen one since!!!!" - Claire, Columbus, Ga.