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Foxes have made a comeback in recent years but aren't really a problem in too many locations unless there are fowl present. Fox trapping has become necessary for many homeowners who raise chickens as pets and larger farms that raise poultry for market and are susceptible to foxes "raiding the hen house".

Humane catch and release fox traps are very effective and don't harm the animal. Bait the trap with a piece of fried chicken (it's a favorite, see the video below) and your fox problems will be over. In many municipalities it is illegal to snare or shoot a fox so humane capture fox traps are the best choice for getting rid of foxes regardless of where you live.
Havahart X-Large 1 Door Fox Trap
Model #1081
Dimensions: 42"L X 15"W X 15"H
havahart 1081
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For Use With: Foxes, Large Raccoons, Small Dogs, Bobcat, Beavers, Armadillos and other similar sized nuisance animals.

Used and trusted by professional wildlife trappers and animal control agents to get rid of foxes. This 1 door, spring loaded cage trap has smaller mesh openings than similar brands to minimize unwanted escapes. The sensitive trigger plate is designed for larger nuisance animals to reduce unwanted captures.  The trigger rod is placed outside of the cage to prevent damage from captured animals.  Durable metal mesh is rust and corrosion resistant to give you years of trouble free operation.  Smoothed interior edges keep the trapped animal safe from injury. Designed and field tested by professional trappers means a higher catch rate with fewer escapes. This cage trap comes fully assembled and includes instructions and tips on baiting and where and how to set the trap. Fox trapping is now easier and safer than ever before.
Beginner tips:

Try springing the trap a few times before setting it out. If you feel the door doesn't close fast enough, try putting a few stone on it add extra weight. Spring the trap by testing the trigger plate on both sides. Once set in it's desired position, camouflage the trap with leaves, brush, etc. and try springing it again to ensure proper operation.

Set trap out with door wired in the up position for a few days for your target animal to get used to it.  Once you notice that the bait has been disturbed, go ahead and arm the trap. This is the most effective way to make sure you stand the best chance of captures when fox trapping.

When your trap comes out of the box it is going to be new and shiny. You may want to spray it with water and throw some dirt on it to reduce some the shine. 

It is a good idea to contact your local humane society or game commission to find out the lawful method of releasing a wild animal in your area.

Made in the USA

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Large Advantek Live Animal Trap

Product #: J029

Unit Size: 12"H x 10W x 32"L

Advantek Armadillo Trap
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For Use With: Fox, Raccoon, Opossum, Skunk, Feral Cats, Large Squirrels, Foxes, Small Dogs, Armadillos and other animals of a similar size.


If you need to know how to get rid of foxes and what to use to get rid of them then you are in the right place. Fox traps are effective, efficient and are the only way to be sure to get rid of foxes for good.


Advantek wild animal traps are ideal for the capture and release of a variety of wild animal types. These cage traps feature 2 trigger settings to target specific animal sizes reducing unwanted captures.

Advantek humane, live capture and release animal traps are available in 1 or 2 pack bundles and 2 sizes. The appropriate size trap is critical in capturing target animals while leaving other unwanted animals alone.


Powder coating on galvanized, steel wire mesh extends trap life and can be used inside or outside of residential, commercial and industrial structures. The solid, spring loaded trap door closes quickly and securely keeping captured animals in. Rolled cage edges and corners help keep trapped animals and operator safe from injury.


Bait must never be placed on trigger pan. Place bait well beyond tray in back of trap. Target animals need to pass over the pan to activate the trigger tray mechanism. Bait should not be placed closer than 2 inches to cage walls to discourage bait theft from the outside.


If camouflage is used to hide trap, make sure to set the trap after the camo has been applied. Camouflage (branches, sticks, twigs) cannot interfere with the operation of the trap door or trigger rod.


This cage trap is safe to use around children and pets.

Comes Fully Assembled

Instructions and baiting tips included

5 Year Warranty

Made in China

We are confident you will not find this trap for less than at Jarrod's.


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