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Bird Control  and Exclusion
 Pest Bird Control in Georgia and Alabama

Jarrod's is the #1 pest bird removal company in Georgia and Alabama. We remove pigeons, starlings, sparrows and all other nuisance birds from every type of residential and commercial property and structure. Jarrod's uses non-lethal, chemical free, humane capture and release methods. We remove birds and provide bird control and exclusion (bird proofing) in Columbus, Lagrange, Americus, West Point, Warm Springs, Fort Benning, Talbotton,  Pine Mountain, Auburn, Opelika, Phenix City, Eufaula and everywhere else in a 60 mile radius of Columbus, Georgia. We remove birds and provide bird control and exclusion for the biggest box store in the world (yes, that one). Jarrod's is the only bird removal and control company that they use in the eastern United States.

Jarrod's removes nuisance birds and provides bird control in:

  • Homes and apartment buildings
  • Condos, hotels and motels
  • Government buildings (including police and fire stations)
  • Nursing homes and long-term care facilities 
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Churches and all other places of worship
  • Industrial parks, factories and manufacturing facilitlies
  • Food processing and bottling plants
  • Hospitals and health care facilities
  • Supermarkets, retail shopping centers and malls
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Bridges and highway overpasses
  • Public and private schools and universities
  • Food preparation and food service companies


As the leading bird control and exclusion company in Georgia and Alabama, Jarrod's has the experience and expertise to eliminate any nuisance bird problems in any situation. We can handle any job of any size from the smallest home to the largest hotel or commercial office building.

Regardless of the size of the job, all our customers are treated with the same degree of professional service and care. Our customers are the most important thing to us and we will go to whatever lengths are necessary to eliminate their problem. Bottom line: Our customers are satisfied when we leave!


Jarrod's does not use extermination methods to control pest birds. Those practices only work in the short term and without altering the conditions that allowed pest birds to occupy a space in the first place, will attract new birds in the future. Jarrod's uses only humane control and exclusion measures to rid homes and businesses of nuisance bird species. This keeps the birds out for good and keeps them from coming back.

What are pest birds?
Pest birds deface statues and other structures

Pest birds can be defined as any bird species that causes damage to property or poses a risk to human health.

The public's affection towards birds in general often leads them to turn a blind eye to the damage that pest birds can cause and the risk of disease is seriously underestimated.

The most obvious and well known example of nuisance pest birds are pigeons. Pigeons in large numbers cause millions of dollars a year in damage because of the large amount of droppings that cover the faces of buildings, monuments, bridges, statues, benches etc. Bird droppings contain chemicals that corrode metal and concrete and have been cited by the Delaware Center for  Transportation as one of the primary causes for several recent bridge collapses including the Minnesota Bridge in 2007.

Other examples of pest bird damage include:

  • Birds feathers and nesting material that accumulate in the ventilation shafts of buildings, vents and heating/A/C duct work.
  • Fouling of communications antennas used as roosts on top of buildings
  • Flooding caused by large amounts of bird droppings that block drains
  • Paint damage to bridges, water towers, buildings, homes etc. caused by caustic chemicals in bird droppings
  • Damage to automobile finishes
  • Contamination of food products in manufacturing facilities
  • Ceiling and roof collapses from the weight of accumulated bird waste
  • The spread of disease from bird droppings including histoplasmosis and avian flu.
  • Parasites commonly carried by birds (ectoparasites) that can cause diseases such as bird borne encephalitis and West Nile virus in humans.
How We Get Rid Of Pest Birds
Jarrod's uses bird spikes on commercial office buildings to repel birds

Extermination only takes care of the problem temporarily. Because we don't use poisons to "exterminate" nuisance bird pests our methods are considered very "green". Without altering the conditions that allowed the birds to occupy an area in the first place they will come back. The key to getting rid of pest birds is exclusion. We make it impossible for birds to return by implementing the following measures:

  • Trapping and removing birds that remain in buildings
  • Capping and screening vents and ducts to prevent birds from re-entering buildings and homes
  • Removing nests and nesting materials
  • Installing bird "spikes" along structure edges to keep birds from roosting
  • Repairing existing holes and gaps that allow access to attics and other structures that birds use to live and nest
  • Installing bird netting in areas not easily protected using other measures

Our Other Bird Removal Services
Jarrod's removes pest birds from commercial and retail spaces
Besides exclusion, Jarrod's removes bird droppings and decontaminates and sanitizes areas fouled with bird waste. There are many disease vectors contained in bird droppings like histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis that can adversely affect the health of humans as well as family pets and livestock. Children and the elderly are most critically affected by these diseases and it is necessary to have bird waste matter removed and cleaned in areas where they are present as soon as possible.

Once the bird droppings, feathers and nesting material have been removed the area must be decontaminated and sanitized. Ectoparasites like fleas and ticks that have been feeding on the birds are killed with our powerful sanitizers and will no longer pose a threat to the well being of humans or pets.
Commercial Bird Removal
Jarrod's Commercial Bird Removal

Jarrod's specializes in commercial, retail and industrial bird removal. For large commercial accounts we routinely travel outside our standard service area. We are the sole pest bird removal company for the largest retail box store in the world in the eastern United States. Our rates are the lowest in the industry and our bird removal services are done discreetly keeping customers unaware there was a problem in the first place.

Free estimates, low prices and prompt, professional service. Call us today and get rid of those pesky nuisance birds for good!  706-221-8000