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Carpenter Bee Removal and Control

Carpenter Bee Removal and Control
At first glance, carpenter bees appear very much like bumblebees. The main difference is that carpenter bees have a smooth and shiny black abdomen whereas bumblebees have an abdomen that is hairy with black and yellow stripes. Like all bees, they are extraordinary pollinators and, if you aren't scared to death of them, are beneficial insects to have around.

Carpenter bees in general are fairly harmless. Carpenter bee control isn't that dangerous which is why many carpenter bee exterminators don't even wear protective bee suits when removing them. Males carpenter bees lack a stinger but do have a tendency to "dive bomb" people during the mating season. This behavior along with their loud buzz makes them especially fearsome to some people. Female carpenter bees do have a stinger but will rarely use it unless directly threatened. Those threats usually come in the form of someone sitting on them or poking around in their nests. Even then, it's not always a sure thing that the bee will sting.
Carpenter Bee Damage
Jarrod's is the leader in carpenter bee removal and control in columbus georgia and surrounding communities
Carpenter Bee Damage to Deck
Carpenter bees also like to drill holes in wood, hence the name "carpenter." House trim, siding, outdoor furniture, sheds, decks and wooden bleachers are favorite targets. But drilling holes is just the beginning. Once an entrance hole is drilled the carpenter bee turns into the structure creating "galleries" for laying eggs. These galleries can be substantial and over time the damage can be quite expensive to repair.

Besides homes, there are many historic buildings in Columbus and other cities in Georgia and Alabama that are vulnerable to carpenter bee damage. Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction is proud to be a part of helping to preserve the heritage of our historic districts by removing carpenter bees and other insect pests that threaten the integrity of these older structures. Even minor carpenter bee damage can leave unsightly stains where wax has leaked out of the nest. Often, these stains cannot be removed completely by simple cleaning and replacement is necessary. Most carpenter bee exterminators will get rid of the bees but are unable to repair their damage. At Jarrod's, we remove the bees and repair all damage to a like new appearance.
Carpenter Bee Control and Damage Repair
Carpenter bee control can be difficult because carpenter bees will make nests in fascia, soffit and roof boards which can be fairly high on some structures. This isn't one of those insect removal jobs that you'll want to tackle yourself. Few people have the long ladders, cherry pickers and/or scaffolding that may be needed to access those areas. But we do. And all our employees are trained in the latest safety techniques, fully insured and skilled at home repairs. When we finish removing the bees we will repair the damage and make it look like new. No matter what type of carpenter bee problem you have we have the knowledge and experience to take care of it.
Jarrod's is the leader in carpenter bee removal, control and carpenter bee damage repair  in Columbus, Fort Benning, Waverly Hall, LaGrange, Americus, Fortson, Pine Mountain Georgia and all cities in between. Click to see if you fall into our Georgia service area.

We also provide professional carpenter bee removal and control in Phenix City, Eufaula, Smiths Station, Auburn and Opelika Alabama and every city in between. Our carpenter bee removal and control in Alabama.