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Flying Squirrel Trapping, Removal and Control

Their are two varieties of flying squirrels in North America: The Northern Flying Squirrel and the Southern Flying Squirrel. The Southern Flying Squirrel is smaller than it's northern cousins and is more aggressive in defending it's territory.

Flying Squirrels don't really fly in the same way as birds or bats. They climb up trees or other tall structures and launch themselves into the air. A thin membrane of skin and fur between it's front and rear limbs acts as a sort of parachute and they glide downwards using their fluffy tail as a rudder for steering. The tail also operates as an airbrake, slowing them down for softer landings when coming to rest against buildings or trees. The moment a flying squirrel lands on a tree it immediately moves to the other side to avoid predators that may have been hunting it.

Flying squirrels are seldom seen because they are nocturnal. They are mainly herbivores with their diet consisting of nuts, berries, flower blossoms, seeds and other plant material though occasionally flying squirrels will eat shrews, mice, bird eggs and nestlings. Flying squirrels will hoard nuts for the winter months sometimes storing as many as several hundred per night in their nests during the warm weather.

The ability to travel long distances through the air (up to 100 ft.) makes getting rid of flying squirrels a challenge because they are able to get into structures that other wildlife can't reach. Often these include high-rise buildings and church steeples.
When are flying squirrels considered pests? 

Flying squirrels are considered pest animals when they enter residential or commercial properties. Usually, the first sign of flying squirrels is a scratching sound coming from attics or other areas. Like gray squirrels and other rodents they must constantly chew on objects to keep their incisors sharp. Joists, rafters, cardboard, electrical wiring and PVC water pipes can all be damaged by the flying squirrels continuous gnawing. Many times the insulation from electrical wiring is chewed away leaving bare wires. Just one spark from exposed wiring is all it takes for a catastrophic fire to occur.

Flying squirrel removal and control is needed due to the following factors:
Flying Squirrel Removal

We are not flying squirrel "exterminators". We care about the animals we remove and relocate them to remote locations to be released back to the wild. Because flying squirrels can get into such out of the way places, removing them is not a job for the do it yourself-er. Not many people have the equipment at their disposal to do it right; long ladders, lift trucks and scaffolding are usually necessary to get to the places that flying squirrels like to call home. Working high in the air isn't a job most people would want to take on because the risk of injury is so substantial. This is definitely a job for professionals.

In order to get rid of flying squirrels for good they need to be excluded from human habitats. An animal "exterminator" just gets rid of the animal and doesn't worry about the conditions that led to it getting in your home or business in the first place. When we exclude (squirrel proof) a job it means we repair any holes and seal all the gaps. This also keeps out any other animals that may be thinking about moving into the same area in the future. Jarrod's is the leader in removing flying squirrels in Georgia and Alabama. We are able to handle any size flying squirrel removal job in any location.

If you think you may have a flying squirrel problem, please call us for a free estimate at  706-221-8000. When we finish removing your flying squirrels, you will never see them again. We guarantee it--in writing. 
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