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Honey Bee Removal and Control

Honey Bee Removal and Control
Jarrod's is the leading honey bee removal service in Georgia and Alabama. We get rid of honey bees in and around your home or place of business
Western Honey Bee
Before you decide you want to get rid of bees, it is important to remember that honey bees are a vital part of the economy of Georgia and Alabama, as well as the rest of the world. Without their energetic efforts pollinating crops, much of life on Earth would perish. In the wild, honey bees will build hives in the hollow spaces of trees. They only become a problem when they move their honey making operation closer to human activities such as in and around homes, schools, businesses, parks and playgrounds. When honey bees pose a risk of injury, especially to children, bee removal is necessary. You may want to try and get rid of bees yourself but it is very dangerous unless you have the right training and equipment. We do not recommend tackling this job on your own. You definitely need a professional to get rid of bees.
Make Sure It's A Bee Problem
Sometimes people will mistake honey bees for other insects like wasps and hornets. From a short distance, yellow jackets appear very much like honey bees but are actually wasps and are dealt with using different strategies. If you see "bees" flying around trash containers, drink bottles and dumpsters they are probably yellow jackets. Honey bees aren't very aggressive unless you get too close to their hive. Yellow Jackets, on the other hand, will sting much more readily. You may want to get rid of bees that you see flying around your home but unless you see them actually crawling in and out of some small crack or crevice in the structure, it is probably unnecessary. If you are unsure what type of insects you have call us and we will identify the problem for you.
Honey Bee Removal
Jarrods Affordable Wildlife Eviction is the leading bee removal service in Georgia and Alabama
Nest location in ceiling
Once we're sure that you do indeed have a bee problem the next step is to locate the nest. Honey bees will find a sheltered area to build their nests that is often hard to find. And when it's hard to find it's usually harder to get to. Bees don't always build their hives at the openings they use to gain access to your home or shed. Sometimes, they travel into the structure a substantial distance to place their colonies. Bees will build nests in walls, between joists in ceilings, rafters, behind soffits and just about any other hollow area they can find. This can make removing bees a formidable task at times.

If the honey bee hive is concealed in a ceiling or wall, we can pinpoint the location by listening with a  stethoscope or feeling for vibrations after tapping on the suspected area a few times. We try to minimize any unnecessary cutting into sheetrock and other materials to find the hive. All areas affected by the removal are then fully repaired to a like new appearance.

Honey bees keep the hive and honey cool by constantly fanning it with their wings. Once the bees are gone the honey will begin to melt and drip. If not completely cleaned, the honey will eventually turn to black mold which is hazardous to human health. Any remaining honey can also attract other animals and insects to the area. We have performed bee removal hundreds of times and are experts and repairing the damage that animals and insects can cause.
Honey Bee Control
Jarrod's is the leading Honey Nee removal and control company in Georgia and alabama
Honey Bee Removal
Unless honey bees are nesting somewhere that could prove dangerous to humans they should be left alone. A bee hive at the back of a wooded property isn't a threat. Honey bees have been under a great deal of environmental pressure in the last decade that is causing their populations to decline. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon where entire colonies of honey bees just disappear. Beekeepers have seen up to a 50% loss of bees from their operations. The cause of CCD has not yet been determined.

Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction provides professional bee removal and control to Columbus, Fortson, Waverly Hall, LaGrange, Fort Benning and surrounding communities in Georgia. We also service Phenix City and Smiths Station in Alabama. Call us today for a free estimate!

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