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Mouse Extermination

Why It's Necessary
Jarrod's is the leading mouse trapping company in Columbus, Waverly Hall, Fort Benning, Phenix City and surrounding areas of Georgia and Alabama
The common mouse is about 3 inches long with gray or brown fur. Due to their poor vision, mice tend to travel along walls feeling their way with their whiskers and stay away from open areas where they may be open to attack by predators. They are very inquisitive creatures and like to explore their environment which can sometimes be fatal when crawling through machinery or electrical units. Trapping mice can be done in several ways. Some professional mouse exterminators don't even use any bait in their mousetraps. They rely on the mouses natural curiosity to draw them to the trap.

Trapping mice has been a profession as long as humans have been leaving crumbs lying around for mice to eat. Getting rid of mice is a full time job for many animal removal companies like ours. In fact, mouse removal is one of the most sought after services for rodent exterminators around the globe. In nearly all animal removal jobs we use humane trap and release practices but getting rid of mice is different. Due to their propensity for spreading disease and contamination, mice and rats are dealt with in a lethal manner. In other words, we exterminate them. 

Conventional mouse exterminators will use poison set out in bait trays and have to come back month after month to refill the bait stations and remove any dead mice. That's another monthly expense for you that never ends. At Jarrod's, we use  a variety of lethal traps for residential mouse control. It's effective, permanent and "green" as it involves no poisons that have the potential to injure children or household pets.

After trapping, the next step is to exclude mice or "mouse proof" your home so that new mice don't take the place of the old ones. Mice can squeeze through holes the size of a dime and get through gaps as thin as a pencil so eliminating their entry points in critical in any mouse control program. Being so small allows mice to go just about anywhere in a home. They can get inside drawers, cabinets and closets where they chew and contaminate everything with their urine, droppings, saliva and fur. This is a real problem because mice carry  and spread diseases like dysentery, salmonellosis and leptospirosis. They also carry parasites like ticks and fleas that spread their own set of harmful diseases.
Mouse Extermination Year Round
Because they carry and transmit viruses, bacteria and other diseases, mice are considered to be troublesome pests. They are commonly responsible for causing damage to personal property and are notorious for commercial crop destruction. In agricultural communities, mice may also be responsible for machine and equipment malfunction. They destroy storage boxes, electrical lines and other materials while building their nests. Starting with just one male and one female mouse populations can expand to include over 200 individuals within a matter of months.

Mouse exterminators know that the presence of mouse droppings is an early and certain indication of an infestation. Nesting areas may be found in drawers, shoe boxes, storage boxes, under cabinets, and other areas that are seldom accessed. Mouse tracks are sometimes visible in dusty or muddy areas and holes in walls confirm their presence, as well as their nesting place. Homeowners suffering infestations may hear noises at night and smell their urine in areas with poor ventilation. Homeowners in Columbus, Hamilton, Waverly Hall, Phenix City, Auburn  and other cities in Georgia and Alabama may notice increased mouse activity during the fall because that is when mice and rats are beginning to look for a nice warm place to ride out the winter months. In the rural areas of Georgia and Alabama, mouse exterminators are busy year round in agricultural settings where mice get into livestock feed areas, grain silos, barns and stables. To get rid of mice in these situations requires innovative thinking and a comprehensive mouse control program. We will inspect the areas that need mouse control and will provide a detailed course of action that will get rid of mice for good.
Commercial Mouse Extermination
Jarrod's is the leader in mouse and rat control in Georgia and Alabama
Though we prefer to use traps and exclusion to get rid of mice that is not always an option. Rodenticides (poison) are sometimes the most effective mouse control method when servicing certain types of commercial buildings. Some businesses have large overhead doors in warehouses or loading docks that are unattended and left open for most of the day. In these types of situations a mouse control program using bait stations is the only way to get rid of mice. Exclusion measures are largely ineffective due to the relatively open nature of those types of commercial business.

There are different methods in getting rid of mice that work equally well but the environments and safety concerns for using those methods vary. Trapping mice is something that can be done easily by a business or homeowner but for complete mouse control a professional mouse exterminator should be used.

Jarrod's is the leading pest control company for residents of Georgia and Alabama that need mouse and rat control.

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