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Rat Trapping and Extermination

How To Get Rid of Rats For Good

Jarrod's gets rid of rats in residential and business environments

Most rat exterminators use poison to kill rats. This method, on it's own, creates it's own set of problems. First, poison is indiscriminate. The EPA estimates that 10,000 children in the United States are injured by rat poison every year. Secondly, poisoned rats often die in inaccessible areas of your home like heating and A/C duct work and in between walls. That creates a "dead animal smell" that is difficult to locate and even harder to live with. Depending on the location and humidity levels it may become impossible to stay in the home until the carcasses are removed. Third, poison doesn't stop new rats from entering after the old ones are dead. A rat exterminator will show up month after month checking and refilling bait stations but never get rid of problem rats for good. And that's fine with the exterminator. It keeps him coming back and collecting a check from you every month. Forever. The only way to keep rats out is exclusion or "rat proofing" your home. Exterminators don't do that. It's not in their self interest.

Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction is the fastest growing rat removal company in the southeast for a reason: We work hard to be.

There are some wildlife removal companies out there that use high tech cameras and thermal imagers to find where your rat problem is. It's a nice gimmick but it can cost you extra money. Those devices are expensive and the cost gets passed on to you.

At Jarrod's, we rely on decades of experience and know-how to get rid of rats and make sure they don't come back. There are no hidden costs and no surprise fees. Our "rat patrol" actually inspects every inch of your home to determine how and where the rats are getting in. Using evidence like droppings, nest locations and gnaw marks we lay out traps and repair and seal holes or gaps where the rats are entering.

After the rats have been removed we can deodorize and sanitize the areas with powerful disinfectants and insecticides to kill any residual parasites or microorganisms that the rats may have left behind. We also can do partial or full insulation removal and re-installation if necessary.
Commercial Rat Removal
Jarrod's commercial rat removal in Ga and Ala

There are some situations where using non toxic rat trapping methods are not practical. Getting rid of rats in commercial properties sometimes means using toxic rodenticides (rat poison).  All our bait stations are covered and, due to their placement, pose no risk of accidental ingestion. We use toxic methods to eliminate rats in the following situations:

  • Rat prone places like sewers, storm drains and large public areas

  • Warehouses and loading docks that keep their overhead doors open for long periods of time

  • Large outdoor rat infestations in agricultural areas like farms and livestock enclosures

  • Food Processing and Bottling Facilities

  • All our bait stations are covered and tamper resistant so there is no risk of accidental ingestion when we place them in the above areas and types of facilities
Our Service Area
Jarrod's provides complete rat control to residential homes and commercial Georgia businesses in Fort Benning, Columbus, Americus, Waverly Hall, Lagrange, Hamilton, Fortson, Buena Vista, Pine Mountain and all areas in a 60 mile radius of Columbus, Georgia.

We also provide total rat control to Alabama homes and businesses in Auburn, Phenix City, Smiths Station, Tuskegee, Eufaula, Opelika, Seale, Cusseta and all areas in between.