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Snake Removal and Control
Getting Rid of Snakes in Georgia and Alabama

Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction is the fastest growing snake removal company in Georgia and Alabama. We are not snake "exterminators."  Snake exterminators kill snakes. We capture and relocate them. It achieves the same result and lets the animal continue to live....just somewhere else.

Snakes are cold blooded which means that they rely on the warmth of the sun for their energy. Once the weather begins to warm up they emerge looking for food. Getting rid of snakes is a full time job for us especially during the spring and summer months. Snakes can be beneficial in the elimination of unwanted vermin such as rats and mice however many people are not comfortable having them around whether they are venomous or not. Snakes are most often spotted outdoors but we have received calls from people who find them in pools, inside houses, and even in attics.

What Kind Of Snakes Live In Georgia and Alabama?

The  climate and landscape of Georgia and Alabama provide the perfect habitat for approximately 41 different varieties of snakes. Most are harmless and beneficial. They can be found all over the region and in a number of different environments. 6 species are poisonous:

 A venomous snake is most dangerous if surprised or provoked but usually gives a warning (such as the rattle of a rattlesnake) or other signs before striking, though this is not always the case. Snakes must be within striking range in order to inflict a bite. This varies by species, but a snakes striking range can be up to half of their body length. Most venomous snake bites fall under accident categories, and (as evidenced by the high number of hand and arm bites) careless handling or provocation.

Why Do I Have Snakes In My Yard?

Most people are likely to encounter snakes if their property provides a suitable habitat for them. Like all animals, snakes are looking for a good place to hunt and live. Getting rid of snakes in Georgia and Alabama begins with habitat modification. Clearing clutter that attracts rats and mice and trimming vegetation away from around the home are two of the best ways to reduce the rodent population in your yard. When the snake's food supply disappears, so do the snakes. If you have rodents entering your home the snakes won't be far behind.

Who Needs Snake Control?

Because most snakes are harmless, the need for snake control falls to the individual. There are those that flee the instant a snake is spotted. Even a harmless garter snake is cause for some to be paralyzed with fright. We will get rid of the snakes and show you why they are in your yard and how to keep them out. Getting rid of venomous snakes is the number one reason we are so busy with snake control. Nobody wants a potentially dangerous snake to bite a child, a household pet or themselves. Never assume a snake is not poisonous. It's not worth the risk. Call us today for a free estimate so you can have peace of mind. 706-221-8000

Do It Yourself Snake Removal

Getting rid of snakes on your own is usually not a good idea. Sometimes confusion about which snakes are poisonous and which are not can lead to some very unpleasant consequences. If you find a snake and you do not know whether or not it is venomous (poisonous) the safest thing to do is to leave it alone. Snake control and removal is a job best left to the pro's. All of our wildlife removal agents are trained in the latest snake control methods, especially venomous snake removal.

We specialize in getting rid of snakes and will immediately know what type of snake we are dealing with when we see it. The proper precautions can then be taken to ensure the snake(s) are removed safely and no humans get hurt. We humanely trap and remove all varieties of snakes and release them in remote locations far from human activity.

If you or someone else is bitten by a poisonous snake, you should immediately seek medical attention at the nearest hospital or medical facility.

We get rid of snakes in Central Western Georgia in the communites of Columbus, Fort Benning, Lagrange, Waverly Hall, Cusseta, Eufaula, Fortson, Americus, Pine Mountain and every town in between. To see if you are in our Georgia service area click here.

We also provide affordable snake control in Eastern Central Alabama from Smiths Station to Auburn to Tuskegee. To see if you are in our Alabama service area click here.