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If you are looking for a way of getting rid of opossums, it's best to know a little bit about them before you start.

Opossums are nocturnal and about the size of a cat. Their fur is brown or gray and are the only marsupials in North America (carry their babies in a pouch.) The Opossum has pink, feet and nose and a long hairless pink tail. Opossums are rather slow and when cornered often fall into a state of seeming unconsciousness or "playing opossum."

Opossums are generally very placid and prefer to be left alone however they will hiss, growl and show their 50 razor sharp teeth when threatened.

Opossums are omnivorous and will eat snails, insects, ground eggs, rodents, carrion, over-ripe fruit, grasses and occasionally snakes.
If  you find yourself needing a way of getting rid of opossums at your home or business there is no better way than humane, live capture opossum traps. Shooting and poisoning are unnecessary due to the peaceful nature of this animal and their lack of destructive behaviors. Also, these opossum traps can be used for other animal types making them multi-use traps that you will use again and again when uninvited nuisance animals show up at your home or business. Getting rid of opossums has never been easier or safer.

Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction uses only humane catch and release opossum traps when called out to a customers home or business to get rid of opossums or other nuisance animals.

We think you'll agree, getting rid of opossums has never been easier!
Safeguard Universal Live Trap with Built in Nosecone (Large)
Product # 53000
Dimensions: 36"L x 11"W x 12"H
Safeguard professional with nosecone
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For Use With: Opossum, Raccoons, Woodchucks (Groundhogs), Fox,  Feral Cats and similarly sized nuisance animals.

Developed for the wildlife professional, The Universal Trap from Safeguard is a high quality live trap featuring steel rod reinforcment and heavy gauge Galfan wire that offers superior corrosion resistance and is designed to last 3 times longer than ordinary galvanized wire.  It is universal due to the fact that it has heavy duty sliding doors that open on both ends making it a trap that is not limited to just one kind of set.  It has has an easy release mechanism and hand guard carrying handles that are well up and out of the way of aggresive, trapped animals. The Safeguard Universal Live Trap is "zero clearance" and can be butted up right next to buildings, walls or trees where burrows are frequently found.

The nosecone allows this trap to be dug in right into the burrows of skunks, armadillos or woodchucks making the animal go up into the trap. Because it targets an animal in a burrow there is no chance of catching anything but that animal.  This is referred to a 100% positive capture.  After capture, use the rear sliding door to release the animal unharmed.

When using this trap to funnel out raccoons from an attic, make sure you put something down between the roof and the trap.  An angry raccoon that has been trapped all night has nothing to do but destroy anything it can to get out and if not properly protected, your roof with be torn up.  A piece of old plywood or sheet metal placed under the trap will keep those claws from doing any damage.

Limited 1 Yr. warranty against manufacturing defects. Made in the USA.

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Havahart® Large 1-Door Easy Set® Trap

havahart  1085
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Product # 1085
Dimensions: 32"L x 11"W x 12"H

For Use With: Opossums, Raccoons,  Groundhogs (Woodchucks), Armadillos, Feral Cats and other similarly sized nuisance animals.

This Large Havahart opossum trap is perfect for the beginner or weekend gardener who only has occasional need to remove and relocate problem nuisance animals. The best part is that it can be set with only one hand. Releasing the animal can also be done using one hand making it safer than ever for anyone to use.

To set, simply pull back on the handle and the door swings up and locks into place. Once the trap has been sprung the handle reverts to it's original position and another pull of the handle raises the door to release the animal.
The galvanized wire mesh gives superior corrosion resistance for long life and the high tensile strength steel adds additional strength without the extra weight. Mesh is 1" x 1" and is rolled and smoothed to keep animals safe. The solid metal hand guard protects your fingers and hands from animals in the trap while transporting to the release site.

The trigger pan is sensitive allowing for quick, safe captures and the heavy duty, galvanized door is reinforced and locks securely preventing escapes.

The carry handle on top is made from rigid plastic and is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and to keep the trap away from the body while carrying.

Includes instructions and baiting tips. Comes fully assembled and is ready to use right out of the box.

Havahart has been making humane animal traps in the USA for over 70 years.

"Oh baby, this thing is schweeet. I had a wannabeferal killing birds by my feeder and tromping all our flowers. Bought this CATraption and used some cat food with beef pate in it. One hour later, and slam. Two bluebirds were yakking lound and perched on the fence near the trap. It was if they were mocking the cat.

We took a long, long, long drive. I had to get gas on the way back type of long drive. When released that cat took off like a cheetah. It was still running a 100 yards later"-- Reviewer: CAT0

You will not find this trap anywhere for less.

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Havahart Large- 1 Door Cage Trap
Model #1079
Dimensions: 32"L X 10"W X 12"H
havahart 1079
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For Use With: Opossums, Raccoons Groundhogs, Armadillos, Stray Cats and similar sized nuisance animals.

Large cage trap with quality spring loaded door mechanism for safe, secure catches of opossums, raccoons and other large nuisance animals.

Steel handle guard keeps you safe and smooth internal cage construction prevents injuries to animals.  Wire mesh resists corrosion and rust for years of trouble free service. Mesh openings are smaller than competitors of similar size to guard against escapes and stolen bait. Trigger plate is specifically designed for large nuisance animals to minimize unwanted captures to non-target animals. To prevent damage from a trapped animal, the trigger rod is located outside the cage.

Designed by professional trappers with years of field testing to ensure higher catch rates and less escapes. Used and trusted by professional animal control officers throughout the country. 

This trap comes fully assembled for immediate use and contains instructions and tips on baiting and trap location setting. 

Made in the USA.

You we encourage you to shop and compare. We are confident you will not find this opossum trap anywhere else for less.

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Safeguard Medium Cage Trap 
Model #52830
Dimensions: 30"L x 11"W x 12"H

Rear Release
safeguard 52830
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For Use With: Opossums, Raccoons,Skunks, Small Armadillo, Groundhogs (Woodchucks) Small Cats and similarly sized nuisance animals.

This medium cage trap features a heavy duty reinforced sliding back door for easy baiting and animal release, stainless steel trigger rod support rings and comes with a 1 yr. warranty. Mesh is 1" x 1" 14 gauge Galfan wire that gives 3 times the corrosion resistance of standard galvanized wire effectively tripling the lifespan of the trap. Mesh is woven  tighter around the bait area to eliminate outside bait theft. The metal hand guard keeps hands safe.  Heavy duty spring retention door keeps animals locked securely inside. Instructions and baiting tips included. All Safeguard traps are designed and tested by professional trappers and are used and endorsed by wildlife organizations throughout the country.

TIP:  NEVER smear bait on trigger bait tray. You want to keep the animal
focused on the rear of the trap to ensure positive capture.

This trap comes fully assembled and is ready for immediate use.
1 yr. warranty against manufacturer defects.
Made in the USA.
Safeguard Professional Cage Trap
Model  #54130
Dimensions 30"L x 11"W x 12"H
Rear Release
safeguard 54130
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For Use With: Opossums, Raccoons, Feral Cats, Armadillos, Nutria, Woodchuck (Groundhogs) and other nuisance animals of a similar size.

Safeguard Professional Series traps have been designed for wildlife professionals and include several features that further enhance product safety, durability and performance.

This trap utilizes a reinforced, sliding rear door that makes baiting and release easy and safe. Rear door release handle is up and out of the way of caged animal keeping hands and fingers away from cage.

Cage construction consists of Galfan wire mesh which is 3 times more effective at inhibiting corrosion than ordinary galvanized effectively tripling the lifespan of the trap. Mesh openings on floor, back and 3" up each side are 1" x 1/2" to prevent dirt accumulation and debris being pulled in. Tight mesh pattern around bait area prevents stolen bait from the outside. Mesh at top at upper portions of sides is 1" x 1" and large enough to use an injection pole if necessary.

The bait tray/trigger plate has been beveled along the rear edge for increased strength and includes travel stops which target specific animal sizes reducing unwanted catches. When using rear release models, open rear door and place bait before the bait tray--never on it. When animals enter from the front, you want all their attention on getting to the back of the trap so they step on and activate the trigger mechanism.

The operating rod is stainless steel and is supported by additional heavy duty rings to stop rod from bending. The rod is located on the outside to eliminate damage by animals in trap.

Sturdy handles fold down and hand guard keep fingers and hands away from trap during transport to release area.

This trap is fully assembled and ready for immediate use.
Made in the USA.

Safe around children, pets and poultry.

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