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Got a call from a lady who said she thought there was something in the ceiling above her child's bedroom. After a quick examination I told her she was right. I got my bee suit on and pulled this out. She will definitely sleep better tonight knowing her child is safe.  Speaking of bees, check out these videos of a killer bee removal job we did earlier this summer

Got a call from a frantic customer today.  Seems they had a snake in the house.  When we got there we found it....IN THEIR BABY'S PLAYPEN!!  It was a good sized Black Racer (click on the pic).  Needless to say, they were extremely relieved when we caught it and took it away.  Affordable Wildlife Eviction to the rescue! If you need to get rid of snakes don't hesitate to call.

Many times when I go out to pick up captured critters, I take along my friend, Gypsy, The Wonder Dog.  She always has a good time checking out the animals and is proud to be on The Recon Patrol. Plus, she works real cheap.  Give her some Kibbles and a bowl of water and she'll work all day!

A customer called about a pond that was beginning to take over his yard.  He thought he might have a beaver and after a quick look around, we found the tell tale signs that a beaver had been busy lately.  Set up a trap last night and today when I went out to inspect it there he was.  We always check any traps we set daily to minimize the trauma to whatever we are trying to catch.  I took him to an area I know out in the middle of nowhere about 30 miles away and let him go. I can tell you that he was pretty happy to be out of that cage.



As usual, I took Gypsy along to pick up the latest capture.  This little raccoon had been busy stealing my customers cats food off their screened porch for the last few weeks.  He was a feisty little guy and wasn't scared of my Recon Patrol buddy at all.  He's free right now and living in a new habitat far away from Columbus.

Sometimes when we have a critter that doesn't want us to see him we have to use a little modern technology to help us out.  In this case, a customer heard some noises in the attic but wasn't sure what they could be.  When we went up there to investigate we couldn't easily find out what is was either because the attic was packed with boxes.  So, we installed a motion cam at the gable vent to show us who was causing all that ruckus.  Once we downloaded the pictures it was pretty obvious.  He almost looks like he wanted to have his picture taken.  We set some live traps and will go back tomorrow and check on him. 

I came across this chart the other day concerning animal species that tested positive for rabies in Georgia for the years 2002-2006.

The highest risk of rabies transmission is associated with a bite from an infected animal, in particular raccoons, skunks, feral dogs, cats and bats. Also, direct contact of an open cut with saliva or central nervous tissue from a rabid animal may result in rabies transmission.




Although human rabies is extremely rare in Georgia, rabies risk assessments and the administration of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) are an everyday occurrence. Since 1991 there have only been two confirmed cases of human rabies infection in Georgia; both were fatal. There are many reasons for the high frequency of risk assessments and PEP in Georgia, including the increasing contact between human populations and wildlife in expanding suburban areas, hyper-endemic raccoon rabies, and the high number of animal bites reported.

Squirrel trapped in wall
Went to a customers home today after they called and said they heard noises in the wall.  We pinpointed its exact location and had to cut through the wall to find the source of the noise.  Turns out it was a very young squirrel that had fallen through from the attic.  Usually when we find animals in the wall they are dead but this little guy was fine.  We caught him and relocated him to the woods a few miles away.

This is an alert for those that live in the Warner Robbins area of 2 rabid fox attacks. Keep and eye on young children and pets. Click here for details.

Oct.  31st and this is no Halloween joke...Another case of rabies has been reported in Georgia. 
Received a call from a lady in North Columbus that she had a fox hanging around her yard. If you want to see how to catch a fox, watch the video below.
Attic Snake
Look what we found in the attic
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Other people find old clothes or family albums in their attic. When a customer called and said that they heard noises in the attic we went out to investigate. We were expecting the usual raccoon or squirrel or rat job and were very surprised to see this. Part of the wildlife removal business is getting rid of snakes and though we get rid of snakes all the time, it isn't too often we find them in an attic.
700 Bats at Historic Darden House
Bat removal,  bat exclusion, darden house, get  rid of bats,
Outside of Darden House
Got a call recently to go to Darden House in Opelika, Ala. to get rid of bats.  When we got there it was obvious that the house had a huge number of bats. We estimated the number to be about  700.

Their entry points were plainly visible on the gable end of the house and there were also mounds of guano on the overhang roof.  The house is a tourist attraction and on the list of historic places but is not lived in. Darden House closed well before dusk so the staff never saw the mass exit from the attic everynight. After the bat population increased to several hundred individuals the neighbors started complaining and the management took action.
Bat removal, darden house bats, get rid of bats,
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This house is situated right in the middle of a neighborhood. The surrounding area might have enjoyed a reduced mosquito population but so many bats were getting the neighbors concerned. They were aware that bats are rabies carriers and didn't want anything to happen that could be avoided.
How to catch a hawk
Another successful hawk capture and release
Went out last night to a popular Big Box store in Alabama to catch a hawk that had somehow gotten itself inside the store. The management said that some of the customers were worried and scared when they saw such a big bird flying throughout the store.  Our 4 full time crews go from state to state taking care of pigeons, sparrows, starlings, hawks, the occasional owl and any other kind of birds that won't or can't leave this store chain. After about 3 hours, we finally netted the hawk and released it. It turned out to be a Cooper's Hawk with a fairly impressive 37 inch wingspan.

We Do It All
When people talk about pest control they are talking about two types:Animals and insects. Most pest control companies only offer insect rermoval and most animal control companies only remove animals. Jarrod's does it all and we do it better than anybody. Plus, we repair any damage that animals or insects have caused.

Watch the video to see what we are all about.
Went out today to a customers home in Eufaula to repair some squirrel damage to his soffit. We got the squirrels out then had to to do the repair. It seems that the squirrels were able to easily chew their way into the attic because the soffit was so rotted. We removed and relocated the squirrels then went about figuring out how they got in so easily. Went onto the roof and found the main problem that was responsible for causing the rotted soffit. Years of sun and weathering had made the sealant around the chimney flashing brittle and much of it was missing. That allowed water to seep into the overhang and onto the soffit. Other companies might fix the damage but few will repair what was the root problem to begin with. Check out the video of the repair job.
Bee Removal in Columbus
We went out to a home in Columbus today to try and help out a homeowner who said she could hear a buzzing in the dining room ceiling. She said she had noticed some bees around the outside of her home but never saw them getting in. We went out to have a look and found the entrance to the nest. We opened up a small hole in the side of the house and found a massive nest in between the ceiling joists that went in approx. 12 ft. I was there to video the removal and didn't wear a bee suit which turned out to be a mistake.