Affordable Wildlife Eviction

7513 Veterans Pkwy.

Columbus, Georgia


Because no two jobs are ever the same it is impossible to have "set pricing." The circumstances surrounding each animal eviction we do are always unique and the pricing revolves around the degree of difficulty in the removal process. For example, a single animal in an empty attic is a lot easier to identify and remove than a whole family of critters that lives in an attic that is packed to the rafters with boxes and clutter. 


We are able to give estimates over the phone but the actual price may differ slightly once our technicians arrive on the job site and fully assess the situation. 

In most cases, one of our wildlife agents will come out to give an estimate. We have found that is the most accurate way for us to determine what factors are involved in the removal of unwanted nuisance animals and the damage repair assessment.

All of our customers are informed as to what measures need to be taken before we start any work.

Methods of Payment

We accept all forms of payment: Cash, check and all major credit cards, which we can be processed on site from your home or business.  It doesn't get any easier than that!! 

"I have really enjoyed working with Affordable Wildlife they are the best!" - Stacy Hanners Miller