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Damage Repair

Repairing Animal Damage In Georgia and Alabama

Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction has over 20 years experience in repairing wild animal damage in Georgia and Alabama
Raccoon Damage
Animal trapping and damage to homes from wild animals go hand in hand. Unwanted nuisance wildlife can do extensive damage to your home or place of business. Most animal damage repair work done in Alabama and Georgia is performed by carpenters and handymen who are not licensed wildlife control and exclusion experts. And most times these jobs are not completed correctly. Animal-proofing a home or other building requires an in-depth understanding of the biology, habits, and capabilities of the South's wildlife. Even the most skilled carpenters often overlook openings that can easily be accessed by most animals and insects. For example, mice can squeeze through gaps as narrow as a pencil. A handyman may think that is too small for any animal to get through. We know better. Often, we get calls to fix the inadequate jobs of some handyman who said he knew what he was doing. Cracks and gaps are not sealed correctly or, even worse ignored and a short time later the customer has the same animal problems all over again. You will save money by hiring us to do the job right the first time around.

Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction has over 20 years experience in commercial and residential property renovation. We can repair animal damage caused by problem wildlife and prevent it from happening again through our proven exclusion measures. When we exclude wildlife you will have peace of mind and a healthier, safer environment to live in. We give our customers a full evaluation of their home and the work that should be done. Our repair recommendations are ranked in the order we judge their importance.

Perhaps the common type of animal damage occurs in the attic. Raccoons, squirrels, opossums, rats and mice love insulation as nesting material. Bats soil insulation with their droppings which can be hazardous to human health.  We remove the contaminated insulation, sanitize and deodorize the area and reinstall new insulation. A handyman can certainly remove and reinstall insulation but they lack the knowledge of a licensed animal control expert as to what could happen if decontamination isn't performed. That could spell trouble for you and your family.

If you need your window or door replaced or your house painted, by all means, call a local handyman. When it comes to animal damage, call us. We know how to keep those unwanted visitors out and will make any damaged area like new. We guarantee it--in writing!