Animal Trapping and Relocation

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Animal Trapping and Relocation

Humane Animal Trapping

At Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction, we practice humane animal trapping and relocation methods. We know you probably don't want to hurt the animals that have moved in with you and neither do we. Nearly all wildlife can be trapped and released unharmed back into it's natural environment. However, there are some circumstances where that isn't an option.  For example, a seriously injured or diseased animal can be a danger even after it's released.  Rabid animals can infect other wildlife causing a bigger problem later on and for that reason, lethal measures sometimes need to be taken. Rodents and insects also fall into this category.

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No matter what kind of nuisance animals you have, Jarrod's has the solution. We humanely get rid of all types of wildlife by trapping raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, squirrels, armadillos, foxes, bobcats, beaver, bats and whatever else is causing you headaches at home or on the job. We also remove all types of insect infestations that you may find in your home or place of business. We get rid of bees, wasps, hornets, termites and every type of ant you can think of, including fire ants. We have years of experience in animal control and insect eradication and have satisfied thousands of customers along the way. Jarrod's also has expert advice on how to get rid of nuisance wildlife and insects yourself and the best way to exclude them from your life--for good.
There are times when a trap isn't practical. At Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction we employ different strategies for different scenarios. The video below shows one of the techniques we use to catch beaver when they are not able to be trapped with a standard cage trap.