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Insulation Removal and Re-Installation

Why It's Necessary

Once wildlife has been in your attic or crawlspace it often destroys the insulation. Raccoons, squirrels, opossums, rats and mice use insulation as nesting material and will rip sections of it out to make their nests. This leaves gaps and holes in the insulation layer which not only makes a mess but robs your home of the energy savings that the insulation was designed to provide. Nuisance wildlife also leaves fur, parasites, feces and urine which contaminates the insulation and is a health hazard to humans. These areas must be sanitized and decontaminated to assure healthful living conditions in the structure.

Soiled insulation must be removed because the odors from animal urine never dissipate completely and will remain long after the animals have been removed. Also, disease carrying organisms trapped in the old insulation can be circulated throughout the house by the heating and A/C ducts. Animal odors left behind can also attract other wildlife to your attic or crawlspace creating the same problem you had just gotten rid of. It's simply unhealthy and not worth trying to re-use contaminated insulation.
How Much Insulation Needs To Be Replaced?

It isn't always necessary to replace all of your insulation. There are some scenarios where the damage is localized affecting only a small area. In those types of cases it is possible to do only a partial replacement and re-installation. We are able to determine how much of the insulation needs to be replaced keeping an eye out for your bottom line. We only reinstall the amount of insulation that is necessary to get the job done right.

With some types of animals a full replacement is needed. Birds and bats soil large areas with their droppings and it is advisable to reinstall the entire attic or crawlspace insulation to completely rid the area of ectoparasites and odors.
The Benefits of New Insulation

Over time, insulation compresses losing much of it's original R-Value. New insulation provides increased R-value and can save you money throughout the year. Higher quality materials are available now that perform better and last longer than ever before. We provide the materials that are at, or above, industry standards and Jarrod's is fully licensed and insured for insulation replacement and re-installation. It only makes sense to have us do the work as long as we're there.
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