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When you need to get rid of squirrels and don't want to harm them, a live capture trap will make your job a whole lot easier. Squirrels can cause property damage by chewing through roof and fascia boards in an effort to get into your attic. Gable vents also provide an easy entrance into your home if not properly covered with hardware cloth or wire screening.

If you want to get rid of squirrels without calling out a professional wildlife removal company check out these high quality squirrel traps below.
Havahart Easy Set Medium Trap
Model #1084
Dimensions: 24"L x 7"W x 7"H
Front Release
havahart easy set 1084
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For Use With: Large Squirrels, Rabbits, Skunks, Mink and other similarly sized nuisance animals.

It is now easier than ever to get rid of squirrels. This Havahart East Set trap is designed to be set with just one hand!  Great for beginners! Just pull back the lever and the door lifts up and locks into place. Animals that go into the trap simply step on the trigger plate and the door quickly closes and locks securely behind them. 

The door is made of solid, reinforced, galvanized steel. A sold metal hand guard protects the user from any animals in the trap. The carry handle is rigid plastic and ergonomically designed making carrying the trap away from your body easier. The galvanized wire mesh is high tensile which makes the trap more durable without making it heavier. Mesh measures 1" x 1" and is smoothed on the inside to prevent injury to trapped animals.

When you are ready to release, stand at the rear of the trap and use the patented safe release lever located on top. This is one of the best squirrel traps on the market.

SKUNK TIP: When walking up to a captured skunk keep your voice low and soft to keep it calm. Hold a tarp or blanket in front of your feet as you approach so as not to startle it. A startled skunk is more likely to spray. Cover the cage with the blanket and grasp the handle through the blanket to pick up. Do not shake cage while transporting. To protect carpeting and upholstery in vehicle, place cage in a box that will cover approximately one third of the cage bottom. When releasing, stand to the rear, pull blanket or tarp back slowly exposing the front of the trap and pull release lever. The skunk may take a few moments to realize it can leave so stand clear until it has left the area.

Made in the USA

"I bought this trap about a week ago from from my local gardening store. I set it out the next morning and within about 3 hours a squirrel had wondered into the trap. I happened to be on my porch to watch it get caught. It shut quick and locked down. I later released the squirrel in my neighbors yard and all was well. Thank you havahart!"--Reviewer: Abe

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Safeguard Standard Squirrel Trap
Model #52818
Dimensions: 18"L x 5"W x 5"H
Slide Release Rear Door

safeguard 52818
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For Use With: Squirrels, Rats, Chipmunks, Muskrat, Weasel and other similarly sized nuisance animals

This Safeguard live trap is constructed of 16 gauge - 1" x ½" wire mesh that is galvanized for long field life.  Features include rear sliding door for easy baiting and animal release. This squirrel trap safely and reliably catches all squirrel types, chipmunks, rats, etc. and has been field tested by trapping professionals and used throughout the wildlife control industry.

TIP: Can be baited with bird seed, sunflower seeds, shelled peanuts etc.  Because you want the animal to target the rear of the trap DO NOT place or smear bait on the trigger pan.  Place bait BEYOND the pan for maximum performance.

1 Yr. Limited Warranty against manufacturer defects.
Made in the USA

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Havahart® Medium 1-Door Animal Trap
Model #1078
Dimensions: 24”L x 7”W x 7"H
Front Release
havahart 1078
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For Use With: Large Squirrels, Rabbits Skunks, Mink,  and similar-size nuisance animals.

This large Havahart trap is constructed of heavy duty galvanized wire mesh that is engineered to last for years. Mesh openings are smaller than in competing traps minimizing escapes. Internal components are smoothed to prevent injury to animal and solid metal hand guards prevent injury to you. Trigger tray is sensitive and designed for specific animal types. The spring loaded door closes quickly and securely keeping animals safely locked inside. The trigger rod is located on the outside of the trap so trapped animals won't damage it and is supported by stainless steel rings.
Havahart® traps are designed and tested by professional trappers and used by veterinarians, animal humane societies and wildlife control organizations throughout the country.

Operation and baiting instructions are included. Full 1 yr. warranty against defects in manufacturing and made in the USA.

Beginner Tips: 

The most important tip is to full read and follow instructions. Any questions or problems you may have will be addressed there.

The trap comes out of the box shiny. You may want to "condition" it by spraying it with water then rubbing some dirt on it to reduce the shine.  You can also spray paint your trap in natural, flat colors but allow a few days for the paint odor to dissipate before use.

Because you want the target animal to pass over the trigger tray NEVER put bait or smear bait on the tray itself. You want the animal to focus on the rear of the trap where the chances of a safe, secure capture are greatest.  Keep bait away from the edges to prevent theft.

Jarrod's carries squirrel traps for less than anywhere else on the internet. We're confident that once you shop and compare you'll come back to Jarrod's for all your wildlife products.

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Safeguard Box Trap
Model # 50450
Dimensions: 18"L x 5"W x 5"H
Front Release
Safeguard 504650
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For Use With: Grey Squirrels, Red Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, Rats, Weasels, Chipmunks and other similarly sized nuisance animals.

This Safeguard live trap is the humane solution to getting rid of squirrels, rats and chipmunks. These traps have been designed by professional trappers and  extensively tested in the field to ensure years of flawless operation.  Used by professional Wildlife Control Organizations, Animal Control Officers and Government Agencies since 1982.

Mesh openings measure 1" x .5" and feature rounded edges and smoothed internal mesh to prevent injury to animals. This trap has a front release door for safe and easy releases. The spring loaded door is heavy duty and reinforced for maximum performance and the closing mechanism is one of the best on the market. Trigger plate/bait tray is designed for specific animal sizes reducing unwanted catches. Trigger rod is supported by heavy duty stainless steel rings for superior performance. Galvanized 16 gauge wire construction offers superior corrosion resistance for long field life.

Comes fully assembled and is ready for use out of the box.
Made in the USA and covered by 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Safe around children and pets.

TIP: Never put or smear bait on bait tray. The whole idea is for the animal to get to the back of the trap so it can pass over and activate the trigger plate and be safely and securely captured.

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Safeguard Medium Box Trap
Model #52824
Dimensions: 24"L x 7"W x 8"H
Rear Release
safeguard 52824
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For Use With: Large Squirrels, Skunks, Rabbits, Opossums and similarly sized nuisance animals.

This Safeguard trap was designed with squirrels in mind though it will work just as well for other same size critters. This model features a slide release rear door which makes baiting and removing the catch a breeze.  Mesh size is 14 gauge 1" x 1" Galfan wire which gives higher corrosion resistance over galvanized and triples the lifespan of the trap. The spring loaded  door is heavy duty and reinforced to give years of worry free operation.  All Safeguard traps include a sturdy bait tray specifically designed to eliminate damage from trapped animals.

Safeguard traps are used by professional trappers and wildlife control companies throughout the country are are known for their high quality manufacture. They can be used in both commercial and residential applications.
This trap comes fully assembled and is ready for immediate use.
1 Yr. warranty against manufacturer defects
Made in the USA.

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