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Live Animal Traps
Jarrod's carries a wide selection of animal traps for every type of nuisance animal out there. Rat traps, squirrel traps, raccoon traps, feral dog and cat traps and even coyote traps. Jarrod's only stocks the most reliable, trusted brands of live traps so you know when you purchase an animal trap from Jarrod's, you are getting quality, reliable, field tested animal traps from the biggest names in the industry. Havahart is a great line of beginner traps for the homeowner who only has an occasional need to get rid of nuisance animals around their home. Havahart has been manufacturing quality animal traps for over 70 years in the USA and they are all covered by a 1 yr. warranty against manufacturing defects. If you are a weekend gardener, Havahart live traps are what you've been looking for.

Safeguard live animal traps are used by wildlife professionals throughout the world in Veterinary Clinics, Animal Shelters, Humane Societies and Professional Wildlife Removal companies. All Safeguard live animal traps have been designed and field tested by professional trappers for field efficacy and come with a 1 year warranty. Safeguard animal traps are the standard for professional animal trappers around the country. Click for All Animal Traps..

Advantek live animal traps are value priced and can be purchased singly or in bundles. Powder coated aluminum makes them lightweight but strong enough to stand up to the most aggressive animals.

Duke live animal

No matter which brand of animal traps you decide on we are confident that they will solve whatever wildlife problems you may be experiencing at your home or business. We carry these live animal traps at the lowest prices you will find on the internet or in big box stores. You only have to shop around to see that Jarrod's will be your "one stop shop" when you need wildlife products to handle your particular nuisance animal problems. Shipping information

Restraining Poles
Animal restraint poles are designed with the professional animal control removal specialist in mind. Constructed of high grade aircraft aluminum, these poles from Ketch-All are built to last and come in a variety of sizes to fit whatever situations you may come across.

Whether it's pulling a raccoon from a chimney, restraining an aggressive dog or getting to a hard to reach squirrel out of a fireplace, tree or drainpipe, we have the Ketch-All pole that can do the job.

Ketch-All animal restraint poles are used by police and sheriff departments, animal control officers, animal wranglers on movie and TV sets, and zoos and humane societies around the world.
Snake Tongs

Snake Tongs are a "must have" for the wildlife removal specialist.  They are great at keeping both venomous and non-venomous snakes away from the handler while snakes are wrangled into a snake bag or other containment environment for relocation and release. Available in a wide selection of sizes, there is a snake tong that's right for you.

Snake Tongs have many other uses as well. Use them to turn logs in the fireplace, retrieve your favorite fishing lure, pick up trash or even use them for grabbing things off high shelves. You'll find countless ways to put your Snake Tongs to work for you.