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 Affordable Wildlife Eviction offers Professional Wildlife Removal and Control.  We do not remove feral dogs and cats. If you have feral dogs or cats please contact your city's Animal Control division.

For Insect and Termite Control please contact our Termite Division here.

Animal Trapping
Jarrod's practices humane animal trapping and relocation in Georgia and Alabama. We are the leaders in trapping raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, foxes, squirrels, bobcats, armadillos and more. After your nuisance wildlife animal has been captured, we take it to a remote location for release. Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction is the leader in wild animal control in Georgia and Alabama. To see if you fall within our service area, click here.
Dead animals in the attic or heating and A/C ductwork that have died present many problems for the homeowner. Aside from the odor there is the threat of disease from decaying carcasses and waste matter that has accumulated.

Once an animal has died, parasites that have been living on it detach and begin to look for new hosts. Don't let that new host be you, your family or your pets. Jarrod's provides the highest quality pest control and decontamination in the states of Georgia and Alabama.

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Dead Animal Disposal
Dead animal disposal is one of the most unpleasant parts of having animals in the attic, yard or inside the walls of your home. Aside from the mess they can create and potential disease from their waste, the odor from a dead animal in the attic or yard can be overwhelming and even make some parts of a home unlivable. If the dead animal is not in plain sight we will find it and dispose of it.

Jarrod's is the leader in dead animal disposal in Georgia and Alabama. No matter where an animal has died, we will find it and remove it.

We must stress that we are not your local government animal control agency. We do not pick up dead animals off streets or highways.


Sealing up entrance ways that animals and insects use to get into your home is the most important thing you can do to keep the problem from re-occurring. Jarrod's inspects the entire structure, not just the obvious problem area, to determine if there are any other voids, cracks or gaps that may be attractive to new pests. Keeping critters out in the first place is the easiest form of pest control and we do it right the first time.

We work with mortgage companies and banks to inspect properties animal for insect problems. We are the most complete termite inspection  and extermination service in the area.
Animal Damage Repair

After we have removed any animals from your home, there may be an area that needs repair. Jarrod's has been doing home renovation and repair for decades and is an expert in fixing the damage that animals cause. We are the best in the business and all our work is guaranteed-in writing.

The image above shows the damage a squirrel caused to a customers roof trim. When you have animal damage from unwanted visitors, Jarrod's can fix it like it never happened in the first place.